6 tips for the paranoid Windows traveler

Take these steps ahead of time to ensure your private data stays private.

Office 365: A guide to the updates

Get the latest info on feature, bug fix and security updates for Office 365 for Windows as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Version 1709 (Build 8528.2139), released on Oct. 16, 2017.

Windows 10 Redstone: A guide to the builds

Get the latest info on new builds of Windows 10 Redstone 4 as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Insider Preview Build 17017, released on Oct. 13, 2017.

Welcome to the era of the Google ecosystem

Android? Nope. Chrome OS? Nah. Google's new focus is firmly on itself as an ecosystem -- and that is one monumental change.

Dropbox targets freelance pros with Showcase portfolios and Professional pricing tier

Showcase is designed to make it easier for freelancers and small teams of professionals to share content.

Mingis on Tech: Pondering the Pixel 2 (as an iPhone alternative)

Google's latest reference smartphone, the Pixel 2, is out. Our reviewer, Dan Rosenbaum, has the details on what it's like to use and whether it's enough to tempt an iPhone user to switch.

7 chat services compared: Slack, Microsoft Teams and more

If you’re still relying on conference calls or IM, it's time your team explored group chat. Here's what Slack, Microsoft Teams and five other chat providers have to offer. (Free reg. req.)

Excel, Access, external DB driver errors linked to Windows patches

If you’re seeing new “Unexpected error from external database driver” error messages, chances are you recently installed one of this month's Windows security patches.

Review: Google’s Pixel 2 phone is the smart (and safe) choice for biz

The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL offer a perfect showcase for Android Oreo and the Google Assistant -- and for businesses, the peace of mind that comes with prompt OS updates.

Amazon wants to deliver groceries to your car trunk — not a good idea

Amazon’s car trunk delivery system, which uses a mobile app from a smart lock vendor, sounds convenient, but it raises security concerns.

Microsoft shuts down Krack with sneaky Windows update

The company last week quietly patched vulnerabilities in the WPA2 protocol used to secure wireless networks, but did not reveal the fix until today.

Don’t be the fool in the cloud

Is it really that hard to keep from making a security idiot of yourself?

Windows Mobile RIP – or how Steve Ballmer committed avoidable career suicide

One of the ironic things this century on technology is CEOs from many tech firms tried and failed to move their PC efforts to Smartphones and lost their jobs. In some cases, more than one CEO at the same company lost their job only to find their successors killed the programs and did just fine.

9 hidden Android shortcuts that will save you time

Speed up your interactions with your Android phone using these easy slides and swipes.

Review: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from A to Zzzzzzzz

The latest version of Windows 10 won’t shake your world, and that’s okay. The good news? Security, OneDrive and Cortana all get useful enhancements.

FinTech builds on blockchain for international mobile payments

IBM unveiled a cross-border blockchain payments service with a Polynesian payments system provider designed to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of making global payments for business and consumers.

How to block Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from installing

With Windows 10 FCU -- version 1709, build 16299, Redstone 3 -- just around the corner, here are the best ways to ensure you install the update when you’re ready, not when Microsoft says so.

Microsoft's anti-malware sniffing service powers Edge to top spot in browser blocking tests

NSS Labs says Windows 10's default browser is better at blocking phishing and socially-engineered malware attacks than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Smartphones are driving us to distraction. Here’s help.

Smart people are starting to cancel their social accounts and turn off smartphones. (Maybe that’s why they’re so smart.)

New SharePoint features: metadata magic, connected site families

ICYMI: Microsoft announced major capabilities to organize and manage information in SharePoint lists and libraries -- and connect related sites using the new Hub site.

Apple, ARKit and the future of TV

ICYMI: Consumers and enterprise chiefs need to think about the impact of virtual experiences on traditional media channels if they want to stay relevant

Duck! Windows and Office patches are coming

ICYMI: Last month’s buggy patches don’t instill confidence. For your own peace of mind, delay Automatic Update at least a few days, until the bugs have shaken out.

7 reasons Chrome OS computers are ideal for enterprises

ICYMI: This year, 5.5% of all PCs sold will be Chrome OS devices. That means Chrome has overtaken Linux as the ‘third OS’ at work. Credit the cost, security and manageability benefits of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for the rise.

Facebook's Workplace takes aim at enterprise users with desktop chat app

ICYMI: The company has launched beta versions of macOS and Windows desktop apps for the business version of Messenger, adding screen-sharing capabilities.

My first week with Apple Watch Series 3

ICYMI: When the only real criticism of the Apple Watch Series 3 is the existence of a red dot, then you know Apple's doing well.

The future of mobility: Are we asking the right questions?

ICYMI: The shape of the future is discernible if we can find the relevant patterns.

What is EMM? Enterprise Mobility Management explained

ICYMI: The EMM market is evolving to provide ever more comprehensive (and specific) services for device and application management. Here’s a look at what it is and how it can meet the divergent needs of different companies.

Microsoft takes struggling Edge browser to iOS, Android

ICYMI: The iOS version of Edge uses the same WebKit engine that powers Apple's Safari, while the Android Edge is based on the Blink engine Google maintains for Chrome.

Google’s Clips camera offers a snapshot of things to come

ICYMI: The most revolutionary product of the year so far is Google’s ‘trivial’ Clips camera. The reason might surprise you.

What is the difference between network slicing and Quality of Service?

ICYMI: Network slicing is mentioned in nearly every industry presentation on 5G, but typically it is vaguely defined. What exactly is network slicing, and how does it differ from all the Quality of Service (QoS) initiatives that have been around for years.

Windows On Snapdragon: the promise and problem of building an iPad Pro killer

ICYMI: One of the potentially biggest moves this decade for Windows is the platform's move to include ARM as well as x86 support.

Microsoft patch problems persist: bad release sequences, CRM blocks

ICYMI: Blue screens, bungled releases, stealthy .NET upgrades, CRM blocks and complex manual fixes. October is shaping up to be one heck of a patch-encumbered month.

Early reports of myriad Microsoft Patch Tuesday problems

ICYMI: It's been less than a day since the Patch Tuesday patches rolled out, and we're already seeing lots of complaints – and a few unexpected explanations.

Windows 10 IQ test (Part 1)

ICYMI: Put your Windows 10 knowledge to the test.

Patch Tuesday: Windows patches, MS Word zero-day, plus several bugs

ICYMI: Every version of Windows gets patched, as well as Edge, IE, Skype for Business and Office. Pay special attention to the Word zero-day and the DNS security problem.

Time to call it: The Chromebook is the new Android tablet

ICYMI: The Android tablet is dead. Long live the Android tablet.

Yes, Windows Phone is dead. Here's why

ICYMI: Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows confirmed the company has no plans to bring new hardware or software to Windows Phones.

In iOS 11, toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 'off' doesn’t work. Here’s why.

ICYMI: Apple has come under fire for making changes in iOS 11 that enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to remain on even after a device is put in Airplane Mode, potentially exposing users to security risks.

Microsoft sunsets Windows 10's first feature upgrade

ICYMI: After today, Windows 10 1511 will get its last security patches, then officially fall off Microsoft's support list.

How to bypass passcode lock screens on iPhones and iPads using iOS 11

ICYMI: As of iOS 11.0.2, the vulnerability allowing attackers to bypass the passcode lock screen on iPhone and iPads still exists.

iOS 11: 3 ways to really switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

ICYMI: The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tools in iOS 11's Control Center don't work like they used to. Here's how to truly turn off those features.

Windows 10 Redstone: A guide to the builds

Get the latest info on new builds of Windows 10 Redstone as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Insider Preview Build 16299.15, released on Oct. 2, 2017.

iPhone 8 Plus review: Apple provides everything we expect

The iPhone 8 Plus delivers everything we have grown to expect from Apple and is a traditional and time-tested counterpoint to the new-fangled iPhone X.

Facebook’s Oculus targets enterprise VR with business product bundle

The $900 Oculus for Business package is aimed at putting VR hardware in the hands of more business users for collaboration and worker training.

Enterprises to get locked-down Windows 10 in six months

‘Windows 10 Enterprise in S Mode,’ a locked-down version of Windows 10 S, will be available from Microsoft in April or May 2018.

Office 365: A guide to the updates

Get the latest info on feature, bug fix and security updates for Office 365 for Windows as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Version 1708 (Build 8431.2107), released on Oct. 10, 2017.

Android vs. iOS – How they stack up

What's better -- Android or iOS? Our experts discuss which is best in terms of security, updates, app stores, customization and innovation.

4 crazy Chromebook myths, debunked

Realize it or not, you've probably heard plenty of hokum about Google's Chrome OS platform. Time to separate fact from fiction.

Microsoft patch problems persist: bad release sequences, CRM blocks

Blue screens, bungled releases, stealthy .NET upgrades, CRM blocks and complex manual fixes. October is shaping up to be one heck of a patch-encumbered month.

15 fresh insights into how Apple runs its business

Senior Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, CDO Jonny Ive and Vice President Denise Young Smith, share how they run their business.


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